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Blue Devils JV vs. Plattsburgh High School

Game 1

The game had a pretty rough beginning for the Blue Devils, on a 5-1 deficit by minute 8, with a 3k gold disadvantage. Plattsburgh gets an early advantage and snowballs it into late game, winning team fights and taking towers until they eventually manage to push up on all towers, ending the game in a mere 22 minutes, with a score of 30-6.

Game 2

The matchups are Darius vs. Darius in top, Sylas vs. Qiyana in mid, Karthus vs. Evelynn in Jungle, Twitch vs. Twitch as ADCs, and Nautilus vs. Pyke as Supports. Plattsburgh secures an early lead by the 10-minute mark, ahead by 9 kills and 5k gold. Blue Devils JV do manage to secure a dragon, but Plattsburgh already has a massive lead, and they end up snowballing it into a 4-37 victory, at 21:28.

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