• Thousands of colleges across the country are starting to recognize the advantages and offer esports scholarships
  • Build student relationships and confidence
  • Provide a safe & social place to play
  • Provide an outlet for students that aren’t interested in traditional sports
  • Break down barriers between different groups of students
  • Encourage collaboration and build problem-solving skills
  • Prepare students for the increasingly digital world around them
  • Apply gaming lessons in real life, such as perseverance, teamwork, and decision making
  • Encourage students to improve or maintain good grades so they can participate in gaming clubs

“Starting an esports club at your high school is a great way to get more students involved in an interactive, skill-building, in-school activity. Participants gain confidence, grow friendships and develop skills that will help them through high school and beyond.”

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PlayVS is the High School competition software that we use to manage teams, check schedules, and track stats.

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